Dekker is one of the most dynamic directors working in emerging media. His VR projects like Coyote, Last Man Standing, and Warp Chase have been met with excitement. His first feature film The Arcadian, a cyberpunk samurai cult vision, was released in Europe to acclaim and is coming to North America in Fall of 2016. As an author his sci-fi thriller The Tea Goddess has been an Amazon top 100 Cyberpunk and Technothriller for over five years running. His graphic novel Mondo Atomic was featured in Wired Magazine and continues to sell digitally. Dekker is also an industry go-to speaker for merging technology and storytelling having having talked at The TV Academy, Digital Hollywood, MultiScreen Summit, Sundance, Slamdance, and more. He is currently the Chief Creative Officer of  Clever Fox.














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Producers and Vision

Hello Phantom Astronauts. I'm sitting in my studio here in Los Angeles and getting ready to talk to the graduate producing class at USC tomorrow. I've been asked to come in and talk about my life, my work, and some of the finer points of the business. In the entertainment industry I'm kind of a misfit toy. It's human nature to try to define things and it's corporate nature to make compartmentalization a priority. This has hurt me in my life because I'm difficult to define. At the same time it's helped me tremendously because I've built a methodology that allows my projects to rise above the noise. In this week alone I've had a top ten anthology of short stories on Amazon, I've broken 200k views on a single platform for the last VR film I directed Coyote, and I've taken meetings with other filmmakers and new brand clients for Clever Fox. It's largely because I'm involved in everything. I even bought a mocap suit the other day. I operate this way because on all the projects I get involved in I need to understand not just the material in front of me, but the overall scope of what the

Already April???

Hey guys, new site, new blog, new format, and lots of new other things... What have I been up to? Well, glad you asked. Waaaay back in January I was excited to be a jury member at the Slamdance Film Festival (Variety) and to give a talk there about storytelling in Virtual Reality alongside Kim Adams from Google Spotlight Stories, Jacquie Barnbrook who did the VR experience of The Martian, Matt Collado from Littlstar.com, directors Diego Querzoli and Rodrigo Cerqueira. I also spoke at Sundance for an actors in VR panel and about the future of feature distribution at Latino Reel. We released an immersive film called Coyote and  it's had a huge response even getting feature on Youtube's 360video channel. I announced a new VR anthology series with a Black Mirror flavor called "Broadcast" that we're currently buttoning up some scripts for. We're still hoping to get it out by July, but we want it to be amazing. Cyr3n and I got to meet one of my favorite musicians Giorgio Moroder at an event that Disney was holding for Tron. Talked to a room of cable industry folks at Multiscreen Summit in NYC, judged the student Emmy Awards, talked to