Dekker is one of the most dynamic creators working in emerging media. Creator of the original VR series The Depths, the immersive film series Electric Sheep, and director of the feature film The Arcadian (Starring Lance Henriksen and featuring the music of Perturbator). As an author his sci-fi thriller The Tea Goddess has been an Amazon top 100 Cyberpunk and Technothriller for over five years running. His graphic novel Mondo Atomic, reimagining classic sci-fi movies from the 50s and 60s, continues to sell digitally. He is currently the head of VR Studio Clever Fox where his creative oversight on brands like Star Wars, Bose, and the band Disturbed has made him an go-to creator for merging technology and storytelling. Visit the Press / Calendar section for recent and upcoming news and events.












In 1994 the commercial fishing vessel Wanderlust was lost at sea. Its last known communication was a distress call with only two words… “They’re everywhere.” Uncover the truth in this original scripted VR series from MandtVR available on all major platforms including Playstation.



After the singularity those left behind build a new world of strange rituals and mystery cults. A lone warrior faces his past when the wilderness he calls home is invaded. Starring Lance Henriksen, J. LaRose, Sab Shimono, Brian Thompson, Adam Sessler, Deshja Driggs, Yuri Lowenthal and Bill Cobbs. Featuring a synthwave score with the music of Perturbator, Trial by Laser and Revan Fette.

NAB VR Panel – TBA

Wondercon VR Panel – March 31st, 2017

Electric Sheep showing at Night on Broadway LA – January 28th, 2017

Speaking at VRX San Francisco – December 8th, 2016

Electric Sheep showing at San Diego Underground Film Festival – November 11th-13th, 2016

Speaking at Digital Hollywood Spring – May 5th, 2016


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