In the beginning, all things were one; a singular intention, the substrate of existence… the demiurge. This intention gave rise to thought and each unique concept was given life and ripped from this foundational framework becoming simultaneously singular entities and part of the whole. These conceptual beings embody aspects of the material world and were known to folklore as gods, titans, spirits, and the forces of nature which shape our universe. They watch us from the outer edge of our understanding, hidden from detection. In the modern era, these esoteric entities still inhabit our world. No longer contained to the shadows and foggy forests they live side by side with us in our cities,  networks, and media. Now, using augmented reality, we can make contact with the things that lie BEYOND.

BEYOND is an on-going series of augmented reality experiences presented on Snapchat. Explore portals to other realms. Commune with entities. Reveal secret truths. Expand your understanding of what exists in the natural world. Beyond is a window into the hidden reality which surrounds us.

The names and appearance of these entities and places described in Beyond are immaterial to what they represent. They are as real as you will them to be and they are both external to you and intimately tied to your perception of self.