In 1987 Hollywood was rocked by a series of murders attributed to a fanatical cult leader. Discover what happened that Summer 30 years ago in The Summoning, an augmented reality horror experience debuting at ScareLA.

This acclaimed collection of dream-like VR films includes Coyote, Last Man Standing, Phantom Astronaut, Maggot, Off World, and more. Available in limited release, check the calendar for screenings.
Dekker directed the music video Music from Mystery Skulls, the first cut off their new album One of Us from Warner Bros. Records.

In 1994 the commercial fishing vessel Wanderlust was lost at sea. Its last known communication was a distress call with only two words… “They’re everywhere.” Uncover the truth in this original scripted VR series from MandtVR available on all major platforms including Playstation and Sony Bravia TVs.

After the singularity those left behind build a new world of strange rituals and mystery cults. A lone warrior faces his past when the wilderness he calls home is invaded. Starring Lance Henriksen, J. LaRose, Sab Shimono, Brian Thompson, Adam Sessler, Deshja Driggs, Yuri Lowenthal and Bill Cobbs. Featuring a synthwave score with the music of Perturbator, Trial by Laser and Revan Fette. All ten chapters of The Arcadian have been collected into this feature length theatrical film.