Cyberpunk Giveaway

$400.00 Value

1 Winner

Welcome to the Cult of the Phantom Astronaut! We love sharing the supernatural and the out-of-this-world. If you want high strangeness, movies, games, books, and events delivered… you’ve found your cult.

This month our giveaway is all about cyberpunk and our Prize Pack this month, from Cult of the Phantom Astronaut, includes:

  • An Oculus GO VR Headset!
  • A Blu-Ray copy of Akira
  • A Blu-Ray copy of Hardware
  • The original Ghost in the Shell soundtrack on vinyl
  • Neuromancer by William Gibson
  • and a signed VHS collector’s edition of The Arcadian (a Phantom Astronaut original starring Lance Henriksen)

All of this can be yours by entering. You’ll also receive a free ebook of Demonology Lessons just for signing up. Once each month you’ll receive news, reviews, exclusive free content, discounts, and early access information about events hosted by Cult of the Phantom Astronaut.

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