In the Summer of 1987 the followers of occultist Raphael Davidson went on a killing spree that stunned Hollywood. The murders lead authorities to the basement of the dilapidated Hotel Magnolia. When the police raided the hotel they were shocked to find no traces of the cult or its leader. It was as if they had vanished into thin air, but they left something in their place… something so terrifying that the city sealed the building.

You and your group of urban explorers are about to enter the basement of the Magnolia. Untouched for 30 years you’ll be the first people to document this forgotten crime scene. Using your smartphone to reveal what Davidson’s followers were willing to sacrifice for fame and fortune. Will you survive learning the secret of The Summoning?

Combining physical sets, animation and audio / visual elements UploadVR called The Summoning “A First of its Kind”. The show was praised in MovieMaker Magazine, Dreadcentral, NPR, and on Opening in Los Angeles to tens of thousands of guests in the first weekend The Summoning was one of the most seen augmented reality shows of 2017. The show is currently on hiatus after concluding its west coast tour. Bookings are available for limited engagements worldwide.