In 2009 Dekker’s illustration work was selected as part of Gawker Media’s contemporary arts registry. His lenticular prints have been shown in group and solo exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Paris. Notable personalities who own original work by Dekker include Bob Odenkirk, Conan O’Brien, and Edgar Wright. His photographic work includes subjects such as The Violent Femmes, Neil Young, and The Dandy Warhols. He has participated in several digital art collaborative projects including the Make Your Franklin Project (Wired).

Dekker’s conceptual work critiques corporate and consumerist culture by creating businesses which subvert the expectations of the target audience. His restaurant projects Kaiju Sushi and L’AlDila became national news stories for creating environments which brought attention to conservationism and religious freedom. Kaiju Sushi did this by offering free sushi to anyone who brought evidence of a shark attack in the shark attack capital of the world (Food Beast, Huffington Post). L’Aldila was an Italian bistro opened in the spiritualist community of Cassadaga, Florida. The restaurant regularly hosted experiential events like ghost hunts and seances. The most controversial of his works is Tentacle Grape soda, based on the similarly-named anime trope. In the years just prior to Gamergate Tentacle Grape was created to call attention to themes of misogyny and harassment in the geek culture community with proceeds given to causes that help to fight sexual violence. The idea being a subversive way for toxic individuals to both self-identify and fund their opposition.